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Brotherly Games

Henri, a gay French teenager, tries to navigate between a jealous boyfriend and a possessive brother. After an altercation between the two of them, his relationship to his brother will suddenly take a disturbing turn

Chapitre 1

As far as I remember, my older brother George always was kind of an asshole to me.

Not the mean kind that will literally bully you or beat you, but even though he knew I adored him he pretty much always ignored me. At some point, however, you just roll with it. My brother and I were not close, period.

I don’t exactly know why I adored him; we were always so different from one another. Sure, he had some amazing qualities, he was very self-confident, determined and smart, he was a very talented swimmer that won countless championships he always knew what to say to get his way with others even when he majorly fucked up. George knew how to be persuasive; he was a very seductive young man and he used his charm to get out of bad situations.

But he also had some big flaws; he was manipulative, arrogant and careless with other people’s feelings. To me he was even cruel, he always made a point of ignoring me, of shooting me glances full of contempt and mockery, of excluding me of his life altogether when I was asking nothing more than some kind of acknowledgement. In the end I just loved him despite his flaws because he was my brother.

George was just punishing me. My parents were almost never home, they were running a successful business and they thought parenting was only providing material comfort. When we were kids and I fucked up, George was often blamed for ‘not taking care of me’ even though he was only one year older. My parents were protective of me and George felt neglected, therefore he came to resent me somehow. I know, it is hardly my fault my parents failed him, but here we are anyway.

I am Henri De Montpensier, a 15 years old French teenager living in Toulouse, Southwestern France.

I’ve known I was gay since I was around 10 years old. I slowly came out to everyone during my French college (11-15yrs old), everyone except my brother and parents. To my classmates and friends this was absolutely no big deal and soon enough the whole college must have known it but did not care.

George and I were not attending the same college since he had a better opportunity for swimming in another establishment, but we ended up in the same high school. Actually, being the lazy ass and distracted student he is, George failed his first high school year and we even ended up in the same class.

He set the tone from the very first day though by sitting as further away from me as he could. Great, my own brother was snubbing me in front of my friends, I thought, but I was expecting it anyway.

Ozenne high school was a fairly big establishment with more than a thousand students, and my bad luck made me end up in the same fucking class as George.

However, another classmate caught my attention; Timothée.

Timothée was a smoking-hot teenager. Rugby player, tall, fit and athletic, he was also super friendly and funny. He sat next to me from the very first day and since that we became great friends.

Friendship, however, was not really what he was after. By the end of September Timothée and I were flirting. And one night of October he invited me to his place when his parents were away.

“You are a bit early” He pointed out with a smirk after opening the main door. “Come in!”

“Thank you!” I answered shyly. “Yeah… I know, sorry I overestimated the time it would take for me to come.” I explained while scratching the back of my head.

“No problem!” Timothée reassured me. “I was about to go to the supermarket to get something to eat for tonight! Or maybe we can order something?” He proposed, flashing his pearly white teeth to me.

“We can order in yes! That way you don’t have to cook!” I approved with a faint smile.

He pointed at the couch to invite me to sit and I immediately noticed the large collection of video games displayed by the television.

“Oh my god! These are yours?” I exclaimed a little bit more enthusiastically than I wanted. Tim laughed and sat on the couch as well.

“Yeah, my sister and my collection.” He answered.

“Well you are lucky to have a sibling to share with!” I lamented. Timothée seemed surprised and raised his eyebrows.

“Isn’t George your twin brother or something?” He asked with genuine confusion.

“He is my brother yes, not my twin though. But he would never share any of his belongings with me, not in a million years.” I explained with a chuckle.

“Well, that sucks!” Tim concluded. “Pizza?” He proposed while opening UberEats on his smartphone.

“Sure!” I said while nodding.

“So, what game would you like to play?” Timothée asked me while getting up to get the CD’s.

“Which one is your favourite?” I responded, not knowing any of the games he had.

“Hmm… This one!” He eventually declared picking one. He turned his PS4 on and put the game in it. He grabbed two controllers and gave me one before sitting by me on the couch.

“Uh… Well, I think you’ll have to explain to me how to play because I don’t know how to do shit really!” I laughed.

“Oh sweet! I hope you’re not a sore loser then!” He teased while getting closer to me. His hands touched mine as he explained the commands and I felt a shiver as his fingertips touched the back of my hand. His body heat next to me was turning me on and I know he felt the sexual tension growing up between us, but he didn’t say anything.

We started playing as expected, I kept humiliating myself by losing. I was feeling good though and we laughed and teased one another until our pizza eventually arrived. Gosh, Timothée was a savage when he ate! I knew Rugby men usually had quite the appetite, but this was something else.

We played while we ate, really while I ate and while he devoured. And I was getting better at it, I won one round, barely, but I was getting tired of playing PS4. I think he felt it and he suggested we stop. I was honestly expecting to chat a little and go back home, but Timothée came closer to me on the couch and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I had a direct sight on his hairy armpits and the manly scent emanating from it was driving me crazy with lust.

I did my best to keep my composure though and repressed my need to jump on his lap. Timothée, on the other hand, was not trying to repress his urges and soon he became more and more tactile.

Eventually, I could not hold it anymore. I looked at him dead in the eye and I leaned my face closer to his. My lips encountered his and my hand pressed the back of his head to pull him closer. His tongue entered my slightly agape mouth and we started making out passionately. I could taste the hot pizza sauce on his lips, but I could not have cared less.

I was lost in a trance and instinctively I climbed on his lap. His hands gripped my firm ass and caressed my jeans. I was moaning as Timothée was driving me fucking crazy.

Suddenly, he stood up while his hand lifted me by the ass, and he carried me upstairs to his room. He slammed my body against the mattress, and I was lying on my back in front of him.

I was mesmerised by the sight of my partner taking his shirt off and exposing his muscled torso to me. He kept his shorts on and climbed on the bed.

“Fuck! You are so sexy Henri!” He told me with lustful eyes. He peeled my T-shirt off my back and leaned his intimidating body over mine to kiss me again.

My hands browsed his back and muscular ass. Expectantly my other hand reached for his bulge when suddenly I felt it. What the fuck! How big was this monster anyway? Tim caught my widening eyes and my dazzled expression and grinned widely.

He straightened up and pulled down his shorts. His black briefs were obscenely stretched, and I was genuinely scared by the girth and length of it. I reached for it, and it was rock-hard.

Curiosity took over and I pulled his underwear down to reveal an absolutely massive cock. I was about to say something, but I did not get the chance. Tim gripped my hair roughly and pressed his dick at the entrance of my mouth. I opened and he forced his cockhead inside of me.

The taste was intoxicating, I eagerly sucked and rubbed my tongue around the head while Tim moaned and grunted. He pushed his dick further in my mouth and I gagged. He did not stop though and pressed my head further down until his cockhead slipped inside of my throat.

I frantically tapped his thigh and he let go of my head. I backed off and caught up my breath, but he forced his cock back in my mouth. I was willing to please him, but I must admit he was savage. I felt like his personal fleshlight as I was going up and down on his fat dick.

My gagging and choking noises seemed to exhilarate him. At some point Timothée yanked me off his dick and grabbed me by the shoulder to take me off the bed. He made me kneel on the floor, in front of him, and wanked his cock furiously.

“Look at me!” He told me lustfully. I looked back submissively, and he grinned. He stopped wanking and searched for something in his shorts. He pulled out his smartphone and started filming, pointing the phone right it at me. He resumed jerking off as I leaned to lick his balls.

His breath was becoming erratic and he moaned louder. He grabbed me by the hair and forced me to look at the camera.

“Suck my cock, whore!” He commanded. I obeyed and meticulously I took care of his massive cock while I licked the tip of his dick. “Open wide fag!” He told me.

His balls flexed and suddenly, a thick rope of cum splattered my face. And then another, and another. After the 6th or 7th rope of cum landing in either my mouth, cheeks, nose or even opened eyes, it stopped.

“Oh my god you’re so sexy baby!” He said. He ended the video and took a few pictures of my cum-covered face. “Did you like it?” He asked nervously.

I pointed at my rock-hard dick and we both laughed. “Do you want me to take care of that?” He then proposed. I smiled mischievously and raised my eyebrows.

“What do you suggest?” I asked playfully. He smiled back at me and unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled them down and he grabbed cock. With one of his fingers he wiped the cum away from my face and spread his load all over his fingers before grabbing my dick and he started wanking it.

The feeling was great and I was pretty much in heaven already, but then he reached for my hole with his other hand and he rubbed his fingertips around my smooth pucker, pressing against the entrance but never actually going inside.

I rested my head against his shoulder, and I felt his warm breath on my ear and neck.

“It feels so nice, please keep going!” I pleaded while he fastened his pace. It took me only a few minutes before reaching the edge and shoot my load all over his hairy thigh while moaning “Fuck, fuck! Oh fuck!”

“I think we both need a shower.” He announced with a smirk before kissing me. I nodded, still catching up my breath, and we headed to the bathroom.

That night I slept at Timothée’s place and we cuddled all night. Occasionally he would kiss me in the middle of the night, and I would smile happily.

When I woke up the next morning I was snuggled against his warm naked body. Tim was snoring slightly, and I took the chance to browse my hand over his muscles.

At some point I was so turned on that I started caressing his cock and I felt it grow under my palm. Driven by lust, I leaned on his body and kissed my way from his abs to his quickly hardening dick. I opened my mouth and started sucking.

I wanted Timothée to wake up to the feeling of the best blowjob ever. I dedicated the greatest care into sucking his cock and pleasing him. Timothée started moving and slowly woke up. His hand went through my hair and gently caressed my head, letting me manage the blowjob unlike the previous evening when he
rough face-fucked me.

Our eyes met and I stared at him submissively with a good length of his cock in my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth and kissed his balls one after the other. Slowly, the kisses turned into licking, and eventually swallowing.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed it all over my face while I took care of his big balls, spreading his scent all over my skin. I loved it and I decided to dare something else.

I kissed his balls lower, and lower until I was kissing his scrotum, but I kept going lower and finally Timothée understood what I was after. He spread his muscled legs and exposed his slightly hairy hole.

I pressed my mouth over his tight pucker and stuck out my tongue. I was in a trance, his scent was even manlier than the previous evening, his body odour was intoxicating beyond measure and I was frantically lapping his hole like it was an ice cream.

I penetrated him with my tongue and Timothée grunted loudly.

“Babe! Keep going please, oh fuck you are so good!” He exclaimed while I rimmed his ass like a lunatic.

He stroked his cock in the meantime and I felt he was getting close. When his moaning betrayed his incoming orgasm, I pulled my face out from his butt-cheeks and resumed sucking his fat cock.

A few minutes later, his warm cum shot directly in my mouth and flooded my throat. I could taste it right from the tap and I eagerly swallowed everything. When I was done swallowing, I opened my mouth wide for him to check I did my duty as any good whore would.

I felt so proud to be his sex-toy. This was better than anything I had expected so far.

“Was this your first time with a guy?” He asked me out of the blue. I blushed, embarrassed by the question, and nodded yes. “Sweet!” He declared with an evil smile. “I want to be the one to take your cherry!”

“Oh yeah?” I asked playfully. “You are quite big Timothée, are you sure you don’t want me to practice first?” I added with a smile. He stared at me with confusion and started frowning, obviously not amused.

“What?!” He shot back irritated. “Fuck no! I don’t share my boyfriend with anyone!” He said.

My eyes opened wide and I must have looked shocked because the irritation from his face turned into apprehension and obvious nervousness.

“I mean, we are together, right?” Timothée asked me with a soft tone.

“Uh… Ok, yes. Yes!” I confirmed before laughing. Timothée stared at me with confusion and probably feeling a little insecure but I crawled to his face and kissed him all over the chest, neck, jawline, and mouth. “You will be my first in all kinds of ways!” I pointed out between kisses.

“Mmh, baby I could fuck your perfect ass just right now!” He declared.

Timothée must have caught my worried expression because he immediately added “There is no hurry, I want our first time to be perfect, just like you!”

I smiled at him and we made out in his bed for quite some time. I loved his scent, I loved his features, his kindness, his roughness, his innocence, and his mischievousness, he was truly the best boyfriend I could hope for. I felt so privileged. On the subway ride home, I smiled happily thinking about Timothée. Thinking about my boyfriend.  

I was already picturing all the fun we would have together. 

My parents lived in a very large house by the ‘Jardin des Plantes’. I knew they were in Japan for the next 10 days for a business trip, so I expected to be alone when I arrived. I pushed the main door and immediately heard a feminine voice. I walked into the living-room and bumped into George and Julie, a classmate of ours, sitting on the couch and watching a movie.

“Oh! Hey Henri!” Julie greeted me with a smile.

“Hey!” I answered politely. George did not even acknowledge my presence and I went straight upstairs to my room. 

Fucking hell! I cursed in my head. I always had hated with passion all the people revolving around my brother. Before today I liked Julie, she was a decent girl, but now I
was jealous. Why were all these people deemed worthy of George’s friendliness and not me? I hated them, even if they were blameless. I almost forgot I was supposed to be beaming about having a boyfriend. But everything I had in mind now was this stupid ass whore giggling around my brother downstairs. FUCK!

The rest of the weekend went smoothly. I went to the cinema with my best friend Jean-Baptiste and we hung around downtown. I told him everything about my evening with Timothée and the following morning and he was ecstatic. He kept asking me for embarrassing details and, obviously, I was happy to oblige.

Sunday evening, Timothée dropped by my place uninvited, I was taken aback but the surprise was quickly dissipated and replaced by excitation. I invited him inside and
cooked for him. My parents were so often away that I mastered the art of cooking for myself from a very young age. I also cooked for my brother even though we never ate together when we had the house for ourselves. I would just put his plate in the fridge and by the next day it would be gone. I cherished this little ritual, it made me feel connected to him in some kind of way. I know, it is pathetic when your closer interaction with your sibling is a meal left in the fridge for him to eat later. But hey, that’s my life!

Timothée’s appreciation of my homemade chicken and cheese meatballs was less discreet than George’s. Actually I wholeheartedly laughed witnessing him devouring them like a madman, barely taking any time to breath. We chatted for a while and he was really affectionate.

“Thank you so much baby! Those were some seriously delicious meatballs!” Timothée concluded after his plate was totally empty. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, he leaned over my face and his lips kissed mine. We had just broken the embrace when my brother walked in. I think the three of us were equally surprised and saying I was embarrassed would be an understatement.

Technically, George didn’t catch us kissing. Our body language, however, was unequivocal and my brother must have known immediately something happened
between us. I was a nervous wreck; I never came out to my brother and I had no idea what he would say.

“Hey George!” Timothée eventually greeted him. 

“What’s up Tim?” George answered casually, walking to the fridge.

“I just dropped by to check on Henri for our Literature class presentation tomorrow!” Timothée lied.  

“Sure!” My brother said, unbothered, while opening the fridge door. He grabbed the still warm plate of meatballs I left him and shot a quick glance at me. 

“Oh! This is some seriously good shit! Henri is a real chef, you’re lucky dude!” My boyfriend enthusiastically told my brother pointing at the plate he just grabbed. 

“Looks pretty good, yeah.” George answered friendlily. “See you tomorrow dude.” 

“See ya” Tim told him as he walked out of the kitchen with his plate. I was melting, my brother just indirectly complimented me. It might not look like a lot but these kind of things just didn’t happen, and I was inwardly beaming. I kept my composure as Timothée would not have understood why I was reacting like that.

“Well! I better get going before my parents freak out!” My boyfriend said. I nodded with a wide smile and he leaned in for another passionate kiss. “See you tomorrow babe!” He told me before leaving. 

When I woke up the next day, Monday 23rd of October, I felt like this was just another regular school day. I went to my bathroom and took a shower, brushed my teeth and sprayed some perfume on my neck. I got dressed and prepared my backpack. I went downstairs and George was already waiting for me in the living room. I had my
headphones on and we headed to the bus station without exchanging a single word, as usual.

We exited the bus at ‘Esquirol’ and walked to Ozenne high school. I parted with my brother in front of the school and met Jean-Baptiste and a few of my other friends and we chatted a bit before the class began. The whole morning was uneventful. 

Timothée was sitting next to me but he was cautious not to touch me or give me inappropriate attention that might raise suspicion, not that anyone would have cared anyway. I had lunch with Jean-Baptiste, and we had a great time, as always. I was disappointed he was not in my class but at least we had lunch together every day. After lunch we decided to head to the courtyard and chill outside for a bit before the classes started.

“It was you right? You fucking piece of shit!” I heard the unmistakable voice of my brother shout. I increased the pace and walked in the corridor. George and Timothée
were facing one another and my brother looked very angry. “I know it was you, admit it you fucking coward!” George threatened while pushing Timothée.

“What’s happening?” I asked anxiously, standing next to Timothée.

“You stay out of this you fucking idiot!” George shouted at me angrily. 

“Dude! Chill out, Henri’s got nothing to do with it okay!” Timothée shot back immediately. I was about to speak to calm things down, and also understanding what the actual fuck was happening, but my brother just lost it. 

“You don’t get to tell me shit about how I speak to my brother!” George screamed at the top of his lungs. 

“George please!” I pleaded trying to calm him down. 

“WHAT?” He screamed back at me. “You are going to defend your asshole of a boyfriend?” He said before pushing me roughly. Witnessing that Timothée was ready to jump on him and George was equally willing to fight. 

“No! NO!” I screamed putting myself in the middle. George raised his fist and threw his best punch. I am not sure I was meant to be the one to be punched but I honestly don’t remember much after that. Apparently, the punch sent me directly on the staircase and I roughly fell on the stairs. I was unconscious by the time I reached the lower floor and two of my ribs were broken. 

Jean-Baptiste told me that there was a moment of silence before Timothée rushed downstairs to check on me. My brother stayed dumbfounded standing in the middle of the corridor and was found there when the security arrived a few seconds later.

I woke up at the hospital a few hours later. Jean-Baptiste was by my side, looking at me when I opened my eyes.

“Hey, Henri, how are you feeling?” He asked me anxiously. I was confused, it took several seconds for me to fully remember everything that happened and why I was there. 

“Where is my brother?” I immediately questioned with a dry mouth and hoarse voice.

“He is being questioned along with Timothée at the high school.” J-B explained with a low voice. 

“Questioned by whom?” I inquired. 

“The police as well as the school administration” He told me with a serious expression.  “I hope this asshole will get expelled!” He added. 

“Oh gosh! I’m having a rough headache J-B!” I said while rubbing my temple. 

“I knew your brother was a jerk, but this is seriously fucked up Henri!” Jean-Baptiste eventually said with a stern face. 

“He didn’t mean it!” I defended him, hardly believing it myself. J-B was about to say something but at the last moment he refrained and just sighed instead. 

“Well, I should get going. I will drop by tomorrow morning, before your parents arrive.” He said with a faint smile. 

“My parents are in Japan right now; I doubt they will drop by tomorrow!” I answered with a chuckle. Jean-Baptiste rolled his eyes and gave me a condescending look. 

“One of their sons sent the other to the hospital unconscious. I was there when the doctors called them, they will be here by tomorrow!” He explained. 

“Oh, ok. Thank you for warning me.” I answered, astonished. He smiled at me and walked out of the room. 

I was still processing the news, it was very unlike my parents to cancel business trips. I was feeling super guilty and I was apprehending their return, they would be very mad at my brother and I. Inwardly I was bracing myself for when the shit would hit the fan. 

The rest of the evening was plain boring. The hospital conducted check-ups on me to verify that everything was okay since I had been unconscious, and they kept me to sleep there for observation. I was super tired anyway, so I slept like a baby. When I woke up the next morning, I was brought to yet another battery of medical exams and then Jean-Baptiste arrived with some lunch for us both. 

We ate in my hospital room and he stayed with me until it was time for him to go back to school. After he left, I had a nap and when I woke up my parents were walking in the room. 

“How are you darling?” My mother asked me while she sat by the side of the bed. My father stood on the other side and was looking down at me. He seemed a little
embarrassed and I was wondering why, but apart from that they definitely did not seem to be mad at me, which was a surprise honestly. 

“I am fine, they were just making sure I was alright, but I have nothing wrong really!” I reassured them with a wide smile. 

“Well you have two broken ribs son!” My father told me while ruffling my hair gently. “And you were unconscious, that is not nothing.” He added. My mother shook her head and now seemed angry. 

“I still cannot believe how George could do such a thing!” She declared furiously. 

“It was an accident mom! Really that’s no big deal, you shouldn’t have changed your plans for that!” I immediately answered. 

“Henri, well… uh… the school told us what happened.” My mother said, embarrassed. For my part I had no idea what she meant, and I looked back at them, puzzled. 

“Son, we love you just the same. It doesn’t matter to us that you’re gay.” My father then declared with a faint smile. My eyes grew wide in shock and I straightened up in my bed. 

“What? How did you…? Wait, what? What does it have to do with any of this?” I asked, totally confused, and lost. 

“Don’t worry about it darling. Your father and I have decided to put George in a boarding school, we won’t allow him to bully you because of who you are.” My mom announced with a concerned expression. I was scandalised and I gasped in shock. 

“Mom! You must believe me, they lied. That’s not what happened! George was fighting with someone and I just tried to separate them. He punched me but he meant to punch the other guy, that had nothing to do with me! Please! Please don’t do that!” I pleaded with tears building up and a shaky voice. 

“Henri, your brother was not fighting ‘someone’.” My father corrected while giving me a look. 

“Ok! Yeah, he was fighting with my boyfriend, so what? I had nothing to do with it!” I explained. My parents were having none of it, and I felt that the situation was getting out of hand. If George were sent to a boarding school because of me I would never, ever forgive myself. I started sobbing and crying like a baby. “Please! Don’t send him away. He is all I have, I love him. I swear it was an accident. Please you cannot do that. I beg you, I would do anything, anything you want!” I implored them while tears flooded my eyes and blurred my vision. I never cried in front of my parents before and was rarely displaying my emotions, but this was too much to handle for me. My parents seemed deeply moved and glanced at one another. My father took my hand in his tenderly and squeezed it.

“Ok Henri, but you must let us know if he hurts you, in any way, ok?” My father said softly. I nodded while trying to stop from crying “Thank you, dad! Thank you so much!” I managed to whisper between two sobs. I gathered my stuff and I came back home with my parents. George was still at school, so it was just the three of us. I took a long shower and changed into comfy sweatpants to chill in the living-room. my parents ate something quickly and went straight to bed. It was super early but the jetlag and the improvised international flight must have wrecked them. 

By 6pm they were upstairs in their room and I was watching television. Around 7.30pm I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner. I was almost done when I heard the main door opening. My brother was home, and I was very anxious to see him after what happened. Deep down I was not absolutely sure it was
an accident. After all, my brother hated my guts and never really tried to pretend otherwise. Perhaps that’s what he meant to do, to punch me in the face, to put me into a coma. 

I heard my brother turn on his PS4 in the living room and I grew a little anxious about seeing him, but in the same time I didn’t want to avoid him. I prepared a plate for each of us and walked in the living room. 

“Hi!” I greeted my brother with a soft tone. 

“Is there some for me?” He asked casually, pointing at the plates I was carrying. 

“Sure.” I confirmed. To be honest I was not expecting much, but his casual behaviour, like nothing happened, hurt me like hell. I felt like I was garbage for him, like I could die, and he would barely notice or care. He sure knew how to make me feel like I was nothing. The feeling kind of overwhelmed me and I had to know. I tried to suppress the question from my head, but it just kept popping in my head. 

“Did you mean it?” I eventually asked, staring at the television, and avoiding eye contact. 

“No.” George simply declared after a long pause. “You need a better boyfriend.” He then said. 

“What?” I exclaimed with incredulity. 

“Your boyfriend is a douchebag; you should dump his ass.” He continued without turning his eyes from the television. 

He was still not apologising; he was not even looking sorry about anything. And now he was insulting my boyfriend for no reason whatsoever. I wanted to scream, I wanted to ask him why he was treating my like shit every goddamn time. 

“Like you would care anyway!” I snapped before quickly getting up and walking to my room. Before I could even leave the living-room George caught up with me and grabbed me by the arm. He pinned me against the wall and I winced with pain as my broken ribs hurt like hell. 

“I care! I care more than you think!” My brother whispered angrily. My face was twisted in pain and I was so angry I did not even process what he just told me. 

“Why do you hate me!?” I shouted. He quickly covered my mouth with his right hand and brought his face millimetres from mine. 

“You’re always so perfect, Henri.” George spit out with contempt. “No wonder you are Mom and Dad’s favourite. Henri never lets you down, he never gets bad grades, he never misbehaves or do or say anything inappropriate, Henri is a fucking saint, is he not?” He added with resentment. “You’ve always made my life miserable, forcing me to justify why I wasn’t like my ‘holier than thou’ baby brother, forcing me to endure the glances of pity the parents give me when they realise I will never be like their precious prodigious boy, secretly wishing you were an only child.” My brother enumerated between his gritted teeth. “But don’t say I don’t care, because I do.” George took his hand off my mouth and walked out without saying anything else. I was stunned, barely processing everything he just told me.

Mechanically, I went upstairs to my bedroom. I kept repeating the words he said in my head, “Don’t say I don’t care, because I do.” I was trying to make sense of it. I texted Timothée straight away to at least understand some of the things that were currently happening. Nothing made that much sense to me. The fight that broke out
between Timothée and George, the fact that my parents then learned that I was gay and had a boyfriend, the things my brother told me. I just wanted to sleep through it and wake up in a world where none of it happened. 

“Hi!” I just texted Timothée on Facebook Messenger to see if he was available to talk. 

“Hey babe! How are you doing? I am so sorry I did not come to check on you at the hospital, but I thought it would not be the greatest idea with your family and stuff.” He texted back. 

“I am fine don’t worry. I’m in a little pain with my ribs but I’m mostly okay.” I answered. 

“Are you coming back to school tomorrow?” He asked. 

“Yes! I wanted to ask you something though. Why were you and my brother arguing in the corridor?” I decided to interrogate straight-forwardly. I waited for several minutes but I did not get an answer even though the message was ‘seen’. 

“Babe, I am so sorry…” He eventually texted back. 

“What? Tell me what happened Tim!” I kept pressing, a bad feeling growing inside of me. 

“He saw the sextape I made of you the other day and just lost it.” Tim eventually explained. 

“Timothée! What the fuck?!” I wrote angrily. “Tell me you haven’t done that to me, OMG!” Was everyone going fucking nuts? My brother, my boyfriends, my parents, was there anyone in their right mind for goodness sake! 

“Henri, I am so sorry. It was an accident. I was so excited that I showed it to my best friend Vianney. This fucking idiot is friends with your brother too and I really don’t know why but he showed him the video!” He explained. I hadn’t known Timothée for a long time, but I still trusted him. I felt so betrayed and disgusted by his behaviour. Showing this video to his ‘best friend’, what sort of best friend would show the sextape to his boyfriend’s brother anyway? This was a seriously fucked up thing to do. 

“Baby? I am so sorry I swear! Please forgive me!” Timothée texted. I ignored him and turned off my phone. I had too many social interactions for the time being. I was going to do my homework, read a little and then go straight to bed. 

I woke up the next morning only to find out that I was still rather pissed at everything that happened. I took a quick shower and got everything ready for school. When I went downstairs to eat breakfast, I overheard my parents talking but they interrupted themselves as soon as they heard me coming down. 

“Hey!” I greeted them while walking in. They were not alone actually; they were talking to George. I strongly suspected that they were lecturing him from the face he made and the tense atmosphere. 

“Hi darling, did you sleep well?” My mother asked. 

“Yeah, fine thanks. George, are you ready? I’m just grabbing something to eat and we can go.” I suggested. It was a little early to leave but I wanted to help him get out of this situation. I was still feeling guilty that my parents were so mad at him and blamed him for cancelling their business trip. 

George shot a glance at our parents to seek for their approval to leave and my father nodded. My mother sighed and seemed irritated and frustrated but she didn’t say
anything else. My brother followed me in the kitchen, and we grabbed something to eat before heading to the bus station. He was silent and was back to his usual self. Like nothing happened the previous day, like he didn’t tell me that “He cared”. I must admit I was twisted between the comfort of pretending everything was back to normal and the envy to explore whatever my brother meant the day before. I would leave that choice up to him anyway, as I was too nervous around him to press the matter. 

When we reached the high school Jean-Baptiste was already in front with his girlfriend Nadège. They both glanced at George with an accusatory expression before my brother and I parted, and I joined my best friend. 

“I expected your brother to be expelled for at least a week, if not definitively!” Nadège exclaimed.

“Don’t be like that, my parents give him enough shit as it is.” I answered with a little irritation. J-B rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything. He knew I had a difficult relationship with my brother and that always made him angry that I would let George treat me like that without firing back. But Jean-Baptiste genuinely loved me as a friend and he respected my decision not to hate my brother. 

We changed topics and chatted and laughed as usual. Okay laughing was not a great idea considering my broken ribs, but Jean-Baptiste was actually a very funny and joyful guy. I was so happy to have him in my life. After the bell rang, I went directly to my classroom and everyone was staring at me. To be precise everyone was staring at George, Timothée and I, as we were the protagonist of the big fight that everyone gossiped about. 

Timothée sat by my side as usual but I pretty much ignored him. I was still very angry and felt betrayed that he allowed me to be outed to my family in this wicked way. He tried to get my attention on several occasions during classes, but I wouldn’t budge. From the corner of my eye I noticed that George was occasionally shooting glances at us and seemed irritated, to say the least. 

The rest of the day was uneventful and at 5.30pm George and I were on our way back home. Silent bus trip as usual and when we got off the bus it started raining quite heavily. We ran back home, and I found out that running with broken ribs was actually very painful. George and I went directly upstairs to change into dry clothes but as I were putting some sweatpants on my brother walked into my bedroom. 

I froze and started breathing heavily, I knew something was up. He walked to me slowly and my face flushed. To hide my embarrassment, I turned my back on him and grabbed a T-Shirt to put on. He pressed his body behind mine, and I felt his warm breath in my neck. I had goosebumps, and I was feeling weak and confused about what I felt. 

“I have a favour to ask you” He whispered in my left ear while his arms slowly embraced my stomach. “We are going to play a little game together, but I’m sure you will love it.” He told me with mischievousness in his voice. “I want the parents to believe you and I are the closest fucking brother on earth so they can finally get off my back!” He said. 

“Why would I do that?” I answered, trying to sound firm and threatening but poorly succeeding. 

“Well, because that’s what you want. Because you know I don’t deserve all the shit they give me because of you.” He shot back with self-confidence. “Mom told me you cried when they suggested sending me into a boarding school. Is that true? Did baby Henri cry and manage to convince the parents to keep me here?” He mocked with obvious contempt in his voice. I gulped painfully. 

“Fuck off George!” I weakly answered but still relished on the gentle hug he was giving me. 

“Oh, now that’s not a way to talk to your older brother, is it?” He teased before kissing the warm skin between my jawline and my left ear. My heart was beating fast and I was disoriented as a million thoughts crossed my mind at once. “Don’t pretend you won’t love me to act like the most caring brother. Isn’t that what you always wanted? Me to love you the way you love me?” He teased manipulatively. 

“Yes.” I admitted in a murmur. 

“Good. I can’t wait to break your heart in little pieces” He declared before letting go of the embrace and walking out of my room.